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The Immaculate Conception

  “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”

Christopher Hitchens

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 The Immaculate Conception

         People who submit to the teachings of organized religions in this day and age, are more often than not, taught to believe the invisible god they worship produced a baby named Jesus Christ * with a woman in the physical form through a process called the “Immaculate Conception.”

* The word Christ is actually a Title meaning: “Anointed One,” not a name.

According to the wisdom, knowledge and teachings of the Ancient Egyptians, the Immaculate Conception between an invisible God residing in heaven and a woman residing on Mother Earth requires the woman to impregnate herself!

The woman became pregnant without the aide of sperm, the natural substance that is needed to fuse with and fertilize the pro-nucleus of a woman here on Mother Earth. This is obviously an abnormal pregnancy and therefore, the woman will produce an abnormal or deformed child. This is the basic teaching of an immaculate conception between an invisible god and a woman of flesh. Because of his ignorance, this is what your God failed to realize! But anyway,

Carefully, look at this picture.

Observe Heru (On the far left) the immaculately conceived child the beautiful virgin Goddess Auset produced through her immaculate conception. Notice anything strange and different about her immaculately conceived child and the immaculately conceived child Jesus Christ of the Virgin Mary? The child of the beautiful virgin Goddess Auset has the “head of a hawk and the body of a human!” 

These are the true results of an Immaculate Conception pregnancy between an invisible god and a woman of flesh, an abnormal or deformed child! If you haven’t figured it out yet, Ausar, Auset and Heru * (The KRST (Christ) Child, who sit upon the lap of the beautiful Goddess Auset), are real people.

* The Greeks referred to them as Osiris (Ausar), Isis (Ausat) and Horus (Heru)

They represent the first woman and man to evolve from the womb of Mother Earth millions of years ago and conceive a child. It took real people to write the stories of the immaculate conceptions. Make sense?

The reproductive system of the woman are naturally designed to be fertilized with the seed of man. Sperm is the natural substance that fusses with and fertilizes the pro-nucleus of the woman and impregnate her, not holy spirits and ghosts. 

Sorry people, your God didn’t know this? My parents knew!

“Fertilization is more a chain of events than a single, isolated phenomenon. Indeed, interruption of any step in the chain will almost certainly cause fertilization failure. Successful fertilization requires not only that a sperm and egg fuse, but that not more than one sperm fuses with the egg.” [6]

The inauthentic substitution of the holy spirit/ghost your God employed to emulate an individual sperm cell violates the natural fertilization chain of events of the woman’s reproductive system.

Now I know there are those of you who are slobbering and eagerly thinking, “With my God anything is possible!” Yes, anything is possible for a god fabricated in the mind of man. However, nature proves your God made an egregious and idiotic flaw when he decided to knock a woman up through the process of Immaculate Conception!

First and foremost, if Jesus evolved from Mary’s womb as a normal human being in the flesh of your God through the process of the immaculate conception, then it’s profound and obvious that the inauthentic substitution of the holy spirit/ghost that Mary was filled with would have had to go through the “exact same” fertilization chain of events that sperm cells has to go through!

Here’s your Gods’ egregious and idiotic flaw:

“The goal of fertilization is the fusion of one male sperm pro-nucleus with the female pro-nucleus within the activated oocyte.” [6]

The spirit represent the intangible, not the tangible and therefore, the holy spirit/ghost that filled Mary was void of the “physical” attributes of your God’s pro-nucleus to fuse with and fertilize her pro-nucleus.*

* A Christian actually rationalized and hinted at the possibility that the holy spirit/ghost transported the physical sperm cell of Jesus from heaven. This Christian truly expects me to believe this scenario: His God ejaculated in heaven, sifted through the millions of individual sperm cells until he found Jesus individual sperm cell, merged it with the holy spirit/ghost and the holy spirit/ghost transported it from heaven, through the cosmos and entered Mary’s womb once it reached earth. Only in the mind of a full blown brain dead idiot! And this Christian was serious! But anyway,

Therefore, the only illogical, ridiculous and senseless way Mary could have became pregnant without the physical sperm cell of your God’s pro-nucleus to fuse with and fertilize her pro-nucleus in this particular situation is that she would have had to abnormally fertilize her pro-nucleus herself, to impregnate herself and give birth to an abnormal/deformed child!

Just as the beautiful virgin Goddess Auset obviously had to abnormally fertilize her pro-nucleus herself, to impregnate herself and gave birth to the abnormal/ deformed child Heru. My parents taught me these concepts thousands of years ago. I just have to open my third eye (the all seeing eye) to remember.

We humans (animals and insects also) lived as liquid in the form of semen/sperm long before we lived as humans. We had to wait until our father ejaculated us into our mother’s womb so that we could fuse with and fertilize her pro-nucleus to start developing into human beings.

Our father produced us first in the form of semen/sperm which is why it is said,

The father and the son are one!

There are two stories coming from this, however, the Immaculate Conception between the Sun and Mother Earth is the true story. The one between a God living in heaven and a woman living on Mother Earth, which is the one the church officials copied, is a “trick or educational lesson.” What these liars (Devils?), did was replace the Sun with Son and Mother Earth with mother Mary.

Thousands of years ago, the Ancient Egyptians intuitively knew for a fact that the time would surely come when people would one day divert and pervert the truth of the Immaculate Conception between the Sun and Mother Earth.

They intuitively knew for a fact people would lie, degrade their wisdom, knowledge, teachings, ways of life, and they most definitely knew for a fact that people would try to deceive me with their watered down version of the Immaculate Conception between their God and a woman of flesh. They knew this because the truth of the matter is simply this people; they actually knew for fact that time and nature would bring about this unpleasant ordeal.

They wrote these stories to educate me, their offspring, in this day and age of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and I must admit, they did an excellent job!

Blessed be the Gods and Goddesses!

 Any questions?

An afterthought: You actually believe a “Ghost” impregnated a woman of the flesh?! I mean really, you actually “believe” that just because the church officials added the word “Holy” to the word “Ghost” and informed you this “Holy Ghost” was sent by your “God” makes the pregnancy of Mary legitimate! Well, since Mary and your “God” weren’t “married” wouldn’t that make Jesus a “bastard” since he was born out of “wedlock?”

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    Name of our Ministry… Krst Lumen Ministry

    On the date of May 16th in the year of Two-Thousand and Thirteen, at the time code of 4:35am; We awoken from slumber by a circling vision of black energy waves with a message to create a Ministry, of which we concluded the titled name Krst Lumen:

    The truth of our thought on the noted definition of Christ: The origin of the word Christ comes from the *Old English word Crīst, which derived from the Latin word Christus, which is rooted from Greek phonic Khristos: Do note… It’s a noun usage of an adjective meaning ‘Anointed,’ which derived from the word khriein meaning ‘anoint’; in translation of Hebrew it meant māšīaḥ of which in modern English this would means ‘Messiah’, a messenger or a prophet: Therefore, in essence *Christ means to be Anointed:

    *Old English is use in expressing a noun form; it’s the [l]anguage of the *Anglo-Saxons up to about the time period of 5th century AD to 1150 AD, and it’s a highly inflected [l]anguage with a largely Germanic vernacular, it is very different from what we know as the modern English [l]anguage of which is also called Anglo-Saxon: Anglo-Saxons; an adjective relating to the denotation of the Germanic inhabitants of England from their arrival in the 5th century up to the Norman Conquest by William the Bastard/William the Conqueror/ a Viking raider of the Norman dynasty: Anglo-Saxons in particular was a vulgar slang of expletives nature lacking sophistication or good taste: Anglo-Saxon origin stemmed from the modern Latin plural word Anglo-Saxones, which is rooted from the medieval Latin words Angli Saxones:

    *To be Anointed, the process of being anointed deals with the smearing or rubbing of oil, often and typically used in particular with religious rituals and rites: In rituals and rites of the ancients black people living in the region known today to be Egypt/Kemet/KMT, the pineal gland/organ was known as an instrument of Anointment/Christ/Krst because of its secreting of the hormone like substance know today as serotonin/melatonin, of which is common in most mammal/mammalia animals: The pineal gland/organ anatomical aspect of its design has the shape of pine cone and the word itself derived from the late 17th century French word pinéal, which is rooted from the Latin phonic pinea, which meant pine cone: The pineal gland/organ is a pea-sized conical mass of tissue located behind what is known as the third ventricle of the brain: There are seven known Chakras in the human body of which the pineal gland is the 6th, the number 6 have an association to the factor of healing and love/Muri and the activation of its energy is greatly associated to the energy of light… the rays of the sun or Lumen… light:

    The KRST within self, the Krst with all of us, the True teaching of Krst: Along the patterns on the illusions of time, many sought the ancient knowledge and wisdom of Krst: As you have undoubtedly read there are many associating titles of Krst: For many, the most commonly known title of Krst is C-h-r-i-s-t…. while there are also Crīst, Christus, Khristos, khriein, māšīaḥ and Messiah; along these nodes of Krst we also have a similar assertion for the titles of Horus and Heru: The noting commonality on the frequencies of these featuring phonics in comparison to the Krst we have embraced, is the usage of vowels: In our ancient modality, the vernacular, the idiom, the lingo of our ancient intellect/culture refrained from the usage of vowels: In essence all the other titles of KRST… came about after invading forces took dominion of the ancient Blackland and plagiarized the ancient knowledge and wisdom of KRST to be their own: Yes… just like how there is a “black” president of the USA… aka Barack Obama; in ancient times many black people also assisted the plagiarism of our ancient truth in regards of the true Krst, often this was due to their new religious practice of rites and rituals of divinations as they indoctrinated and initiated new policies of the invading forces :

    The goal of the Krst Lumen Ministry is the sharing the wisdom of truth so all our brothers and sisters can begin their rightful journey of ascension as a living deity:

    As we continue…May 17th 2013: On the illuminative aspects of Anointment and Ascension… of the ancient precepts of the black self and Krst: Death was known and still being accepted to be a pathway, in such death did not have the modern facets like what we are now seeing in our contemporary society: What we call death today… was more of a passing doorway to the afterlife: In this aspect it was quite common for the phonic Krist to be associated to burial rites and rituals: In fact, the featured story we are given about Christ, many of us already knows from the media propaganda; Christ metaphorically died and was buried then resurrected, then ascended:

    In this distinction, one of the ancient symbology of Ascension was the skull and bones, of which evidences of this can still be found in burial catacombs wherein images of the skull and bones represented a marker for the departed as they Ascended into the afterlife: In leaving the old life and embarking into the new life, many have embraced this burial ritual of Krst as an emblem into their new life: Also for many of those fleeing the tyranny of the powers that be… the criminal elites controlling the justice system, in escaping through the catacombs they saw the symbology of the skull and bones and embraced it to what is known today as the flag of the jolly roger, of which it later became a symbol of fear for the Maritime era of neo-europeans:

    Due to the fact that many of this individuals using the symbology of Ascension… the skull and bones, it additionally developed into the foundation of what we now knows as Admiralty… laws of the sea, likewise many later secret societies of the criminal wealthy later adopted this burial symbology of Ascension: The most noted of the secrets society even took the name skull and bones as meaning they have ascended collectively over the masses of society: A point we would like to add, in the burial ritual and rites of Krist, one of featuring aspect is still practice even today, that’s the washing & oiling (Anointment) of the departed body:

    Some many object to the phonic Krst/Krs…. in such they’ll stated there are no records of this terminology: However an eluded factor they seem to forget: In invading the Blackland/Egypt/Kemet/KMT and else where, some of the striking features are the defacing of the truth, burning of the Great Temples, the Great Libraries & the killing of the ancient sages/scholars/priests and priestesses as the invaded forces steal/stole the knowledge of those before them: Like the burning of the great library in 70 BCE: Often times these objectors would placed distractions of thought, by associating their stolen vast knowledge to the indo-europeans: However, the vernacular of the indo-european dialect stemmed from16 different diverse bridged dialects of the people whom were denoted as indo-europeans: Really there were no such beings as indo-europeans nor were there any such beings as Afro-Asiatic, these are terminologies imprinted by the so-called scholars of the invaded forces as they reclassified their distinctions of being over those they murdered and stole their intellect/culture then hid many of the truth related to the ancient custom of Krst and the association of anointment & ascension:


    Written by Prof. NKWNGR 16TH OF MAY 2013, edited 17TH OF MAY 2013: homepage

    Source References:
    The Pineal Gland and Melatonin The pineal gland or epiphysis synthesizes and secretes melatonin
    Luxor Temple in Man – John Anthony West
    Egypt: Luxor – The Temple of Hu-Man – The Invisible Science
    The Temple of Man [Hardcover]R.A.Schwaller De Lubicz (Author), Deborah Lawlor (Translator), Robert Lawlor
    The Great Vowel Shift Why Latin pronunciation confuses modern English speakers. By N.S. Gill, Guide
    A different story about ancient Egypt and our origins.
    Library Philosophy and Practice 2010, ISSN 1522-0222, The Great Library of Alexandria?
    The Lost Libraries of Timbuktu Aminatta Forna tells the story of legendary Timbuktu and its long hidden legacy of hundreds of thousands of ancient manuscripts. With its university founded around the same time as Oxford, Timbuktu is proof that the reading and writing of books have long been as important to Africans as to Europeans.
    Hidden Colors (The Untold History of People of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent)
    Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph Of Melanin-Official Trailer
    Pirates and Privateers The History of Maritime Piracy Cindy Vallar, Editor & Reviewer

  2. jerry l. smith on said:

    Thank you for helping the hopeless, the weak, the blind & the sick.

  3. Gwendlynn Grover on said:

    What book or reference could you share that I may buy to truly read that story myself. If I’m not mistaken I read somewhere before that The father had died, then ISIS went to I’m pregnant herself with her dead husband. That never really made sense to me from my understanding. Because how can something dead give life

  4. Bruce W Thomas on said:

    Information is Power! Myself and the universe thanks you! Truth crushed to Earth will rise.

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