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Heru’s Teaching


“I have never seen the slightest scientific proof of the  religious ideas of heaven and hell or of a God.”

 Thomas Edison

Heru’s Teaching

Mans Connection with Nature

To understand the nature of our world, one must walk in the light of the sun and observe nature. Through their observation and understanding of nature, the Ancient Egyptians soon recognized man’s connection with nature.

Again, my Ancient Ancestors never worshiped animals as most people so are ignorantly taught to believe. They instead needed to use animals as a communication arrangement, as illustrations to convey messages and educate.

This is what your God failed to understand.

Their wisdom, knowledge and teachings aides me in this day and age, warning against the deceitful and hypocritical ways of organized religion and its supporters.

Images are closer to reality than words and cold definitions.

The serpent is an excellent example to emphasize the point I wish to bestow upon the reader. In everyday life, and in the majority of organized religions, the serpent is unfairly stigmatized as an evil and wicked creature due to the misconception that it somehow talked, deceived a woman, and assisted in causing the destruction of the first people to walk Mother Earth a mere nine or ten thousand years ago.

However, when one takes the time to analyze and understand the wisdom, knowledge and teachings of my parents, they will come to realize first and foremost, they weren’t ignorant, superstitious animal worshipers, and also, the serpent and the seed of man naturally have common traits, metaphorically speaking.

By observing nature and their keen knowledge of anatomy, the Ancient Egyptians soon realized the serpent and the seed of man move in the same fashion. Serpents and semen have no legs. They also came to the realization that an upright Cobra (Asp) with its open hood looks exactly like the seed of man.

The KRST (Christ) child Heru who sits upon the lap of the beautiful Goddess Auset, his mother, has a single sperm cell (his individual sperm cell, metaphorically speaking), upon his head and he represents the first child who was conceived and evolved from the womb of the first woman here on Mother Earth millions of years ago.

Observe the sperm cell.

This sperm cell was placed upon his head for the sole purpose of educating me of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

The serpent, metaphorically speaking, and the seed of man represent death and re-birth, i.e. born again. When the serpent sheds its skin, this of course represents the death of the skin and life connected to the skin at that particular stage in the serpent’s life. Metaphorically speaking, the serpent starts its new life, (i.e. re-birth/born again) by breaking through the head of the lifeless skin.

Because we humans lived as liquid in the form of semen (consisting of millions of individual sperm cells), long before we lived as humans, we died of our life as a living sperm cell and started our new life by breaking through the head of the sperm cell to fuse with and fertilize the female pro-nucleus inside the egg of the woman so that we developed into human beings.

Sperm cells have a head, body (or mid-section) and tail. The actual cell (the male pro-nucleus), that fuses with and fertilizes the female pro-nucleus is ejaculated through the head of the sperm cell just as the sperm cell itself is ejaculated through the head of the penis.

Therefore, our very first experience with life started when our father produced us in the form of an individual sperm cell and our second life (re-birth/born again) started after fusing with and fertilizing the pro-nucleus of mother and started developing into human beings.

The fact that we humans evolved from our mother’s womb with a tailbone without its tail confirms this fact. The presence of our tailbone clearly indicate at one point between the time we lived as an individual sperm cell and the time we developed into human beings, a tail was attached to our tailbone.

This fact negates the religious theory of being created; or am I to truly believe your God actually created the original man with a tail? If so, at what point in his life did the tail detach, leaving the original man with only his tailbone? If not, what was the purpose of your God creating the original man with a tailbone, or was he created with a tailbone at all? Which is it? I would simply love to hear your idiotic rationale to these questions!

The aforementioned is the logical and intelligent choice as the latter is rather ridiculous, senseless and an insult to ones intelligence since I know for a fact that humans doesn’t evolve from the womb with a tail that detaches afterwards and it would be totally idiotic for your God to create humans with a tailbone and omit the tail!

At this point, two logical and intelligent questions arise:

1) At what point in life did we humans possess a tail?

2) At what point in life did we lose it?

The only indisputable, logical and intelligent answers to these questions is simply this:

When our father produced us in the form of an individual sperm cell!

Remember, sperm cells have a head, body (or mid-section) and tail. It is indeed at this point in life we humans possessed a tail. The tail isn’t needed during the fertilization stage. Its only function is to assist in the journey sperm cells has to make to successfully reach the egg.

This journey, which may take up to one to two days to complete, is accomplished in the exact same fashion as a serpent makes its journey from one place to another! Journey complete, our tail detaches but our tailbone remains intact, the head of the sperm cell swells and the pro-nucleus* is ejaculated through the head, fuses with the female pro-nucleus and fertilization begins. It is indeed at this point our tail is detached from our tailbone. 

* It’s profound and obvious that our tailbone is attached to the pro-nucleus since we evolve from the womb with it. Common since people!

This is the primary reason the serpent is worn upon the head dressings of the Gods and Goddesses. They recognized their connection with nature.

Any questions?

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  1. Blaze on said:

    Made So much sense , Loving it . Nothing but truth .

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