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Crucified Saviors

The very first inhabitants of Mother earth where indeed Sun worshippers. The most popular celebration of the ancient world fell on the day of Dec. 25th. This day was assigned to the Sun in honor of its birth and re-birth for that time of year. The advent of spring was the time for festivity in the ancient world. Through the life giving rays of the Sun, the birth and re-birth of the Sun naturally gave birth and re-birth to Mother Earth.

The origin for the celebration of Dec. 25th  originated in Egypt in honor of the birth and re-birth of the sun. The customs of Christmas evolved from times that pre-date Christianity by thousands of years. Christmas is a custom of seasonal, Pagan religion and national practices.

The precise day and year of the birth of Jesus has never been known. Dec. 25th became the official day of Jesus birth in 325 A.D at the church Council of Nicaea under the reign of Emperor Constantine.

Church officials simply deceive their followers by informing them Jesus was born on this day when in fact, Jesus is simply the last personage attached to this day. Long before the concept of the word “Christianity”, the ancient world honored their crucified saviors.

The “basic” theme for all crucified saviors is as follow:

Immaculately Conceived Born of a virgin mother Born on Dec. 25th Born in an isolated area Star appears at their births Visited by three wise men or Magi from the east Sought be killed by the evil ruler of the time Sent by a God to redeem mankind Crucified, resurrected and ascended into heaven

The following is a short list of crucified saviors thousands of years before Jesus was added to the day of Dec. 25th:

Adad of Assyria.  Adonis of Greece.  Allah of Arabia.  Alcides of Thebes. Adonis of Greece.  Apollo of Greece.  Atys of Phrygia. Ausar of Egypt.

Baal of Phoenicia. Bail of Afghanistan. Beddru of Japan. Bremrillah of the Druids. Buddha of India.

Cadmus of Greece. Crite of Chaldea.

Devatat of Siam.

Eros of the Druids.

Feta of the Mandaites. Fohi of China.

Gentaut of Mexico.

Heracles of Greece. Heru/Horus of Egypt. Hesus of the Druids. Hil of the Mandaites. Hercules of Roman.

Indra of Tibet. Ischy of Formosa.   Jao of Nepal. Jupiter of Rome.

Krishna of India. Micado of Sintoos.

Mithra of Persia.

Odin of Scandinavia.  Osiris of Egypt.

Prometheus of Caucasus.

Quexalcote of Mexico.

Sammonocadam of Siam. Serapis of Egypt. Slivahana of Bermuda.

Tammuz of Syria. Taut of Phoenicia. Thor of Gaul. Tien of China.

Wittoba of Balingonese.

Xamolxis of Thrace.

Zoar of Bonzes. Zoroaster of Persia.  Zeus of Greece.

Since these crucified saviors pre-date Jesus by thousands of years, it’s profound and obvious that the Church officials simply plagiarized the writings, concepts and religious beliefs of older religions of the ancient world, attached them to Jesus and inform their gullible followers their teachings of Jesus is historical facts. There’s isn’t one original aspect in the teachings of Christianity or any other religious organization for that matter! If every ritual, regalia, writings, and symbol that came out of Egypt, which is obviously where all world religions derived from, was removed from Judaism and Christian, there would be very little remaining.


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